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Jr. & Sr. High Girls Sunday School Class ~ “Seamless”

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Every Sunday until December 15, 2019

9:00am – 10:00am

Category: Small Group

Whether you’ve grown up hearing Bible stories or you’re exploring Scripture for the first time, the full story of the Bible can be overwhelming. The 66 books may seem disconnected at first glance. 

In this study, Angie Smith shows you how the whole Bible—from Genesis to Revelation—connects as one beautiful, seamless thread.

In this study you will:

  • understand the Bible as a whole as you change the way you look at Scripture;
  • connect with the people, places, and promises of God’s Word in a fresh way;
  • gain clarity and confidence in your understanding of Scripture;
  • discover a biblical context that reshapes and brings to life stories from the Old & New Testaments.

You can order the study guide here:



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