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A Night to Shine, 2016


It's been over a week since the event and I continue to hear amazing feedback from vendors, church members, volunteers, participants, and from their caretakers and parents! How rare is that? We often do special events, but rarely do those events have this kind of widespread and deep impact. All you have to do is watch the video below and see the pictures to know why.

The event was great, but the reason why the event was possible is even greater. Tim Tebow told the story on a radio program. He was speaking in a village in another country. As he walked into the area where eveyrone gathered he noticed that a few boys ran and hid behind a hut. He went over to find out why. The boys had disabilities and were told by an adult to hide so that the special guests would not see them and think less of their village. Touched, Tebow invited those boys to the front and he celebrated them as people whom God dearly loves. This is where the vision for Night to Shine was born.

The point of Night to Shine is to communicate and demonstrate that God dearly loves each and every person. He offers all people His love and proves His love by offering His own Son, Jesus Christ, as a substitute for our sins against God. More about that here.

Thanks for being a part of our Night to Shine event!!! Please look forward to participating again next year, Lord willing! And please leave your comments and share your stories below.

Thanks - Gibson

PS - please take a look at the list of vendors below, and let them know you're grateful for their help! We COULD NOT have done this without them and their generous support!!!


Here's a gallery of pictures from the event:


Night To Shine, 2016– Image 1 of 63

 (More pictures will be available soon. Please let me know if you're interested)


Here's the official video (special thanks to Mike and Bridget Carroll):

Night to Shine 2016- Ridgeline from Ridgeline Community Church on Vimeo.



Good Plumbing, Heating, & Air Conditioning, Green Acres Nursery, Indian Valley Boys and Girls Club, Jesse's Barbeque and Market, Tim Tebow Foundation, Hana Willow Design, Landis Supermarket, Dunkin Donuts, Bryn & Dane's, Walmart, QNB Bank, Big Laughs Photo Booth, Moyer Specialty Foods, Gordon Florist Inc, Randall Entertainment Services, Henning's Market, King Limousine and Transportation Service, Village Caterers, Harleysville Party Rental, Anna Cotterino Photography, Diane Granger Photography, Don Barnes Photography, Kimberly Sobonilla, Sherry's Hair Salon, Massage Therapist Lianna Kemmerer, Moden Male Barber Shop, Mary Kay Consultant Amie Brady, and Michael Carroll Videography

(Did I miss anyone? Please let me know so I can make corrections! Thanks - Gibson)


My son, Philip, went with his cousin, Natalie. They both had an amazing time!! Thank you so much for doing this for these special people!! What a wonderful evening!!

Our special needs family members remind us how each and all of us are created with unique abilities and I believe a divine purpose in this life. It was great to see them be front and center stage for this one evening. I think if passersby see my son's disability and silently thank God that they have all of their physical and mental faculties, then his purpose on this Earth has been well served. Thank you Ridgeline. God Bless you richly.

I saw some pictures in the Bucks County Herald, happy to see it on Facebook, looks like everyone had a grand time. As a school bus driver I've had several of these young people on my bus it's great to see their smiling faces and what a great time they had. Thanks to Tim Tebow, Ridgeline Community Church and all the suppliers. Well done!

*Thank you for these pictures and video!! And for the beautiful evening for my son and mother in law (and everyone). What a true blessing this was.
*We would love to see more pictures!!

Pastor Gibson, I thank God for you, thanks for night out

My son Paul was so thrilled to be at this event.. I sent you one "Thank you" but truly I could never thank you enough.. I hope next year to be able to offer more assistance. This was such a wonderful event. God bless you and the wonderful volunteers who really gave my son a night to shine :)

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