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Today's post comes from one of our partner churches outside of Ft. Worth, Texas. Every weekday pastor Craig of First Church of Colleyville, Texas posts a 2 minute video devotional called "Morning Thrive." These videos are a great way to start your work day!!

Bitterness and boredom make for a miserable thought life! There aren't many other combinations that produce long term misery like bitterness and idleness. Here's one great remedy for this combo: get up and do the next right thing. Pastor Craig Etheredge explains it best in this 2 minute video:

Video: Morning Thrive "The Next Right Thing" - June 4, 2015

Here's a copy of the transcript if you'd rather just read it:
Written by Pastor Craig Etheredge | Found in: Morning Thrive
"The Next Right Thing"

Hey everybody! Welcome back to Morning Thrive! We’ve been talking about how to survive the storms of life. A couple of weeks ago we said to pursue God first. Secondly, you need to humble yourself, and here’s another idea that’s really, really important. It may not sound really Godly, but it is really true! Just do the next right thing. Sometimes in the middle of a storm we don’t know what to do, why is this happening and we’re so confused, but instead of letting this just paralyze us, the paralysis of analysis, just get up and do the next right thing. We’ve been studying this Godly woman named Ruth on the weekends at First Colleyville. She lost her husband, she finds herself in a foreign land where nobody knows her, and she’s left to just do manual labor. Instead of sulking and becoming bitter, she just gets up and goes to work because that’s what needs to happen. The next right thing is get a job, work and bring some food in, and as she just does the next right thing, God goes before her. I like to say this; Ruth was too busy to be bitter. She just did the next right thing! Now listen, if you will just do the next right thing that’s in front of you then God will, providentially, go before you. He sees your heart, you’re humble before him, you’re seeking him first and you just do the next right thing. God will go before you and he will lead you to the right people, to the right places and at the right time to bring healing for your heart and glory for his name. So what is the next right thing you need to do? Maybe it’s to resolve a conflict, take an action or make a phone call. Do the next right thing, and God will go before you.

What do you think? What's the next right thing for you to do?