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I recently heard a doctor describe children with big appetites as healthy children. In a similar way, Christians who are hungry tend to be healthier. A strong and growing appetite for God's Word, for prayer, for worship, and for fellowship are all significant marks of spiritual health and vitality. The opposite is true as well: a decreasing appetite for those areas signal an unhealthy Christian. Here are some good questions to assess your health:

  • Are you hungry for God's Word? Are you bored with the Bible or is your appetite for scripture increasing? Are you regularly feasting on the Bible? Do you meditate, memorize, quote, pray, and speak with scripture? If the Word oozes out of you there is a good chance you're a healthy Christian. How's your appetite for the Word?
  • Are you praying more or are you prayerless? Daniel Henderson stated that "prayerlessness is our declaration of independence from God." Are you praying for longer periods of time, more spontaneously, at more times during the day? Do you have an increased appetite for fellowship with the Father or has your relationship with God grown cold and distant?
  • Are you committed to biblical community or are you isolated? How's your appetite for biblical community? Are you cutting yourself off from the Body of Christ? The enemy has you right where he wants you if you're not regularly walking with other believers in biblical community. And he will try to convince you that it's everyone else's fault, whispering things like, "you just don't fit in with them" or "nobody notices when you're gone" or "don't get involved, you need some time away." You will become cynical and bitter if you entertain these thoughts, but re-engaging and committing to biblical community is a remedy for growing in spiritual health and godliness.
  • Are you abounding in good works? The result of healthy organisms is growth. The growing and hungry Christian is overflowing with good works and humble service.

Remember, healthy Christians are hungry Christians!