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Love for the Letter Writer

Several years ago I had the wonderful opportunity to head to Florida for 10 days with a friend.  I was a homeschool mom with 2 young and energetic (and not all that interested in school) boys, and my husband made it possible for me to have this time away to simply rest. As I was walking out the door, my husband handed me a pack of letters with instructions on the envelope telling me what day each letter was to be opened. There was one letter for every day of my vacation!

Let me tell you what did NOT happen on this trip. I did NOT set those envelopes in my purse and forget all about them. Nor did I wake up in the morning and think to myself with a sigh, “I guess I’d better get the letter and read it.” No! I could hardly wait to open my letter for the day! Each morning I woke with that day’s letter on my mind and great anticipation in my heart to read what my husband had to say. Not only would I read them but then I would think about what He had said throughout the day, and something interesting happened. My heart was stirred with affection for my husband. Not only because of the words that he said in those letters, but also because of what those letters revealed to me about who he is!

I think you know where I’m going with this. For those of us who are in Christ, collectively we are considered His bride! God has also written His bride a letter. Is it not amazing to you to realize that we have a God who speaks? And not only does He speak, but this infinitely wise God speaks to us in our language. The Bible that sits on our shelves is the very Word of God! Perfect. Without error. The unchanging, powerful Word of God. In our homes! Masterfully, over thousands of years, through unique human authors, the God of heaven and earth, has spoken to us! Why? There is much in the Bible that God teaches us, but His primary purpose in writing to us is that we may KNOW Him. NOT know about Him, but that we may KNOW Him. 

Do you KNOW HIM, sweet sisters? Do you greet each day with eager anticipation of reading His letter to you and how that will deepen your relationship with Him? This eager anticipation doesn’t just happen. It comes over time but it also comes with diligent and consistent time in His Word. Over time what once may have felt like a duty grows into delight, as you grow in your love for the letter-writer. 

It is my passion, that a love for the Word of God and for the God of the Word would identify our women’s ministry at Ridgeline. It is my hope and prayer that this love would overflow to one another and that together as a community of women, we will learn to delight in God’s Word because we delight in the One who spoke it.  

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Grace and peace,

Ridgeline Women's Ministries