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The Ridgeline Blog

Ministry Spotlight

This month's ministry spotlight is Mercy for Mamas. One percent of your offerings will go to this ministry!

"Mercy for Mamas started in 2010 as a small personal project for Melissa Busby. Melissa felt a burden for the pregnant women of Uganda during the adoption of her daughter Mercy, whose mother died from delivery complications. Shortly before traveling to Uganda in 2010 to complete Mercy's adoption, Melissa learned about mama kits and decided they would be a great way to honor Mercy's mother. She collected a few donations and thought that would be it. But as Mercy's adoption story dragged on, Melissa decided to continue the work. She heard stories again and again of women dying in childbirth. She heard testimonies of the difference these simple mama kits could make. She knew she had to do more. She again explained the need to friends and family and this time the response was overwhelming. During the ten months Melissa was in Uganda she was able to distribute nearly 700 kits. We'll never know what could have prevented Mercy's mother's death, but Melissa wants to do all she can to keep more women from dying during childbirth."