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Praying More...Using An App?

Prayer Aids...

In 2008 I began writing my daily prayers in a journal. Now, I had started prayer journals before - probably a dozen times over the past twenty years, but I had never really been consistent at journaling. Most of my old journals look the same: four or five entries followed by fifty blank pages. I have a dozen journals like this on my shelf. I'm not sure what changed in 2008 but by the end of that year I had completely filled a journal and was starting another one. Since then I've filled seven and I just started another. Something just clicked I guess! My prayer journal is the greatest tool for effective and consistent and focused prayer.

How have maintained a consistent and focused prayer life? One of my favorite bloggers, Tim Challies, recently posted about a prayer app that has changed his prayer life. It's worth the read if you're struggling with consistent and focused prayer. Click here to go to the post.