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Women's Ministry

Women's Ministry

Ridgeline Women is a place to connect with other women at Ridgeline Community Church. Cherie Leatherman is the women's ministry director and can be reached at

Introducing our Women's Ministry Team! IMG_4274



  • Discipleship: We take seriously Jesus' command to "Go, and make disciples." With that in mind, we seek to provide opportunities for formal and informal discipleship within community life at Ridgeline. The curriculum that we use at Ridgeline for formal discipleship training is called "Walk". Intended to be used with in a small group context, "Walk" is a journey through the basics of Christian faith. If you are interested in being a part of a discipleship group for women, please email Cherie at the link provided above.


  • Rooted in God's Word: At Ridgeline Women, we love the Bible! And we love studying the Bible in community! Check out the opportunities we have to study the Bible together:
    • Rooted Women's Bible Study is an 11-week Bible Study that meets on Mondays at 9:30 am (Rooted Kids included) & 7:00 pm (no child care). This Bible Study is open to the community. Discover more about Rooted here.
    • One-to-One Bible Reading Opportunities: What is a one-to-one Bible Study? It's really quite simple!
      • Find a partner to study with.
      • Each week you will read (separately) through the assigned passage twice making notes about your observations and questions.
      • Once a week, meet with your partner to read through the passage and then go over all the observations you both have made and the questions you have asked.
      • That's it! It's really quite simple but is an amazing exercise in building relationships built on God's Word as well as increasing our love and passion for God's Word

 Current Rooted Bible Study:

BANNER Trusted Words-05

Trusted Words Part 2 begins on January 22, 2024. We offer either 9:30 am class (Rooted Kids) or 7:00 pm class. 

Register for Trusted Words Part 2: 2 Timothy & Titus.



ROOTED ICONListen to the Rooted Women's Bible Study Podcast below.