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Confusing Spirituality with Righteousness

"My error was this: I was confusing spirituality with righteousness. I also discovered that I was not alone in this. I was caught up with a crowd who confused the means with the end. Spirituality can be a cheap substitute for righteousness."

I often read a dozen blogs like this before lunch - most are helpful and edifying and worth sharing to build up the Body of Christ. But I found this post by R. C. Sproul worth reading and re-reading, even thinking about for a long time. I'll often read broadly or deeply (or both) and then go do some mindless physical task - like vacuuming or mowing or exercise so I can really meditate on whatever I just read. This was the kind of post worth thinking about because it gets way under the surface, and quickly. I don't know if I agree or disagree or can counter with scripture yet, but I'll go start the long task of lighting my coal stoves on this cold January day off with some good things to think through.