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The Ridgeline Blog

Rockhill and Ridgeline to Join Congregations

The merger is official!

What an exciting 10 months it has been for our church! Ridgeline started five years ago and has met in ten different locations throughout those five years. Our growth and strength has been the people of God gathering to worship and serve Jesus, not buildings or locations. But we have been captivated by the love and hospitality of the Christ-followers who gather at Rockhill. They have hosted our congregation on several occasions over the past few months for various events. More than that, they have been selfless and willing in their desire to help a fellow church out and willing to have the conversation of merging with the simple hope that we can be better together. We hope to be better together in our ability to serve the people who live in our community, not just those who worship at our respective congregations. 

There are so many details to work out over the coming weeks and months! But for now, we are so thankful for what God has done among us over these past months. Stay tuned for more information on the merger. 

Here is a message from Larry Moyer (pastor at Rockhill) and myself (Gibson Largent, pastor at Ridgeline).