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Sometimes the truth stings a little bit! I recently read this post and, like iron that sharpens another piece of iron (Proverbs 27:17), I felt sharper. This post touched me... actually it hit me... well, it was more like being punched in the face... over and over again:)

Honestly, the point of the blog was not to make us feel guilty - that doesn't give life but actually robs us of life and compounds the guilt and condemnation that burdens so many believers. Some Christians write to other Christians using words like blunt objects to inflict major damage. Some Christian bloggers want to beat the crap out of other Christians with "ought to's" and "should nots" and other shame producing posts. Thank God that we have a Redeemer and we have an intercessor and we have One who stands in the gap for His own! (Romans 8:1, Romans 8:31-35). Thank you Jesus for meeting us where we are and thank you for loving us so much that you won't allow us to stay where we are!

What gives life from this post is that seeing the true parts of me within the wittiness, the snarkiness and the sarcasm, I realize I have some real reasons for repentance - not guilty condemnation. I can see how 'Merica and our culture and our pursuit of happiness clouds our commitment to Christ. So put on some headgear and a mouthpiece and enjoy Frank Powell's Post:

Check out his list and let me know what you think!