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Loving Difficult People

You are the best equipped to love difficult people when you realize you are a difficult person and you are loved…

It may not too hard for you to think of someone who is difficult to love. Maybe bad habits, bad decisions, or personality traits contribute to the struggle. But oftentimes the best relationships result when you are able to overcome those obstacles by persevering and by working through issues. A few years ago a friend confronted me with some real issues that had created tension in our relationship. I'm ashamed to say that I was prepared to allow the tension to remain and the relationship to drift had this person not come to me. It is now one of my most valued friendships.

You might be on the verge of losing a potentially great relationship. Take a few minutes and see if your heart changes after reading this article on difficult people. You may just find (as I did) that the most consistent variable in all of your unsatisfying relationships is you.