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Night to Shine 2017

Our team of coordinators and volunteers have been sharing photos, videos, and stories since the event on Friday and I continue to hear amazing feedback. I'm so thankful for our vendors, church members, volunteers, participants, and for their caretakers and parents. Everyone pulled together to make a really special event. There's so much negative in our world lately. It really felt great to come together to do something special for people in our community. We often do special events, but rarely do those events have this kind of impact. All you have to do is take a look at the pictures below and you'll see faces filled with joy and love.


Night to Shine 2017– Image 1 of 43


The event was great, but the reason why the event was possible is even greater. Tim Tebow told the story on a radio program. He was speaking in a village in another country. As he walked into the area where eveyrone gathered he noticed that a few boys ran and hid behind a hut. He went over to find out why. The boys had disabilities and were told by an adult to hide so that the special guests would not see them and think less of their village. Touched, Tebow invited those boys to the front and he celebrated them as people whom God dearly loves. This is where the vision for Night to Shine was born.

The point of Night to Shine is to communicate and demonstrate that God dearly loves each and every person. He offers all people His love and proves His love by offering His own Son, Jesus Christ, as a substitute for our sins against God. More about that here.

Thanks for being a part of our Night to Shine event!!! Please look forward to participating again next year, Lord willing! And please leave your comments and share your stories below.
Thanks - Gibson




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